Alex Heitlinger, "Hero of the World" New England Conservatory Jazz Composer's Workshop Orchestra Michael Thomas, Soprano Sax

Alex Heitlinger, "Trail to Cullowhee" University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Russell Haight, Tenor Sax.

The UTJO, at their 11/11/11 CD release concert, plays trombonist Alex Heitlinger's "Slush Pump Truck Stop." Soloists: Gabriel Santiago - guitar Alex Heitlinger - trombone

My claim to fame. I created this video in 2011 by compiling video clips that had been posted to a Facebook page dedicated to finding examples of a particularly catchy musical phrase. The video caught on quickly, appearing on NPR's jazz blog, Nicholas Payton's blog, and receiving tweets from Questlove and numerous other well-known musicians. It now has over 2.4 million views!